Hong Kong, China, March 30, 2021 /Xinwengao.com/ - The United States is the single most popular destination for cross-border residential real estate buyers from across Asia, according to the new Top 10 Asian Buyer Picks report from Asian real estate technology group Juwai IQI.

Australia, Thailand, Canada and Malaysia make up the rest of the top five markets. Japan is sixth most popular, followed by Singapore, the UK, New Zealand and France.

Of the ten most popular Asian-buyer markets, six are in the Asia Pacific. The US, Canada, the UK and France are the only top-ten nations not in the Asia Pacific.

Juwai IQI’s report identifies four drivers of Asian cross-border buying demand.

Interest rates have dropped to historic lows and monetary stimulus has helped drive prices upward in many markets. Buyers worry as a result that they will miss out on future price gains. They are eager to find opportunities to benefit from price growth.

Because of the pandemic, many Asian buyers have reevaluated their cross-border real estate priorities. This is similar to changes that have occurred within local markets.

Some Asian cross-border buyers are also driven by factors in their home markets that make investing there less appealing. In China, government real estate restrictions cause some buyers to look overseas. Other countries face insufficient inventory or weak confidence. There is a large number of buyers who postponed acquisitions during the pandemic and are eager to make up for lost time.

“In 2020, the pandemic scrambled existing patterns of investment, migration and overseas education,” said Juwai IQI Co-Founder and Group Executive Chairman Georg Chmiel.

“All of these factors have a direct bearing on Asian cross-border real estate investment.”