Amplify your PR Value with Press Release Distribution in China

Chinese consumers and businesses are buying and selling on the Internet, and gaining fantastic online visibility inside China is the key to maximizing investments.

Xinwengao works with a network of influential news and media websites in China to push your corporate message in front of important decision makers.

Highlighted Press Releases

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IBC 2023|TVU发布基于ISX技术的5G全能型背包One
美的工业技术携"五大新品"亮相工博会 助力中国客户迈向美好工业
Press Release Distribution in China with Xinwengao
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Create a content marketing message, write a great press release, or submit your company’s next promotion, and Xinwengao both distributes your message and then monitors the impact.

Register here at and then upload and submit your press release. Your important company news will be distributed to hundreds of online China media, thousands of journalists, and available for millions of eager online readers. We then provide you an ongoing media report to showcase where your press release has been picked up so you can track your own “ROM”, Return-On-Message!

XINWENGAO : [noun] Xīnwéngǎo(新闻稿) is the Chinese word for “press release“, an official statement issued to the media giving information on a particular matter.