Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our FAQ for information about our press release distribution services.

Xinwengao distinguishes itself from other press release newswires in China through its search-engine optimized and social-media enabled distribution platform. Xinwengao makes press releases available online directly to the media, and your release also is submitted to premium China-focused online locations all over the Internet where interested readers can easily find it. In addition, Xinwengao’s direct-to-consumer distribution platform provides the tools to optimize your releases to make them easy to find by interested people and to rank higher in search engine results. We also have exclusive syndication agreements with China’s leading vertical B2B news sites, so whether you are in the sourcing, retail, information technology, green technology, CSR, agriculture, chemical, or travel industries, we have exclusive ability to have your release on China’s top business news websites.

Xinwengao ranks press releases by the time and date they are distributed.

Xinwengao’s Tips page offers editorial help including writing tips. Here you will also find a press release template featuring important information about the difference components of a press release.

Although Xinwengao can guarantee that we make your press release available to the news search engines and placement on select websites in China, we cannot guarantee its rank as related to search terms or page placement. Additionally, no newswire service can guarantee that the media will use your news release. We do not control the media. Think of Xinwengao as your delivery service. That said, Xinwengao is a delivery service with an outstanding reputation for marketing your press release and providing the media with quality content in accessible formats. The ultimate responsibility for the success of your press release lies with you. Did you create a compelling news release? Is it newsworthy? Will others find it newsworthy?

Your release remains online at for at least 28 days, and then you can have us delete it whenever you want. We normally keep releases online for at least one year or more. If we delete a release, it will still count as a published release in your subscription package.

To upload a press release for distribution, you should register for an account and then choose a subscription package. We offer an easy platform to upload your images and files for your press release. Or we can help you with our concierge service.

We normally require a 72-hour turnaround during normal business days for approval. You may choose to tell us to rush a release in an emergency, but there are no guarantees. Why is there a delay? Often we must work with you to polish, edit, or correct mistakes in your press release copy, so that can sometimes take a couple days. We also work during China business hours, which are +8 GMT, and we take off all normal Chinese holidays. We encourage you not to send press releases during the weekend and Chinese holidays when exposure and impact may be decreased.

Xinwengao’s distribution is both in China and global. You may select an area to categorize your news outside of China, but selecting an area does not target your distribution to that region. It simply categorizes your news with other news from that geographical area, making it easier for journalists and consumers from those target areas to find your press release. You can target by adding tags in your press release when you upload it on our platform.

Xinwengao requires a contact name, e-mail address and phone number before we can distribute your press releases. The information you specify will be provided to the public and the media upon request. In addition, when you sign a contract by buying a subscription package with Xinwengao, you will be required to appoint one person in your company to be the main point of contact and no other contacts are allowed unless there is a duly signed statement to make a change. This protects you from erroneous press releases being distributed on your behalf. When you register and purchase a subscription package, that information is all be made available to you. We may call you to confirm your company details prior to allowing you to disseminate press releases.

The three most typical types of press releases you’ll find on Xinwengao are ones with:

      Strong news announcements about new products, books or services, an award or honor, new hires, upcoming or past events, mergers and acquisitions, business promotions, contests and other changes.
      Soft or “feature” news that connects an organization, service or product with a trend in their industry or in society or that provides an alternative perspective to a bigger news story. This could include news about a “local” connection to a national or international event, issue or news that shines a “human interest” spotlight on a person, product or organization that is a prime example of or is affected by a story in the news.
      Newsworthy and timely information about the release of a tip sheet, Web site or white paper that presents a person or organization as an expert in a specific field.

Xinwengao does not accept press releases that we perceive to be inflammatory or intended to cause harm to a third party; that are written in the format of an advertisement, blog post, opinion column or spam; or are deemed not newsworthy. In addition, Xinwengao does not accept press releases containing, promoting or linking to adult content or profanity or content that contains accusations of criminal conduct without attribution to a court case number. Xinwengao does not accept press releases from anonymous or fictitious sources or that directly address consumers and the public with a “Buy Me!” type of appeal. Press releases with excessive amounts of links or lists may also be rejected. In addition, we will only accept press releases that are in a standard press release format. Xinwengao editorial guidelines and terms are available on our Terms & Conditions page.

Yes, Xinwengao has a team of editors who can write your press release from scratch or re-work your release draft. Our editorial services are available as add-on services with any press release package and you can ask your sales representative for more details.

The optimum length for a press release is 300 to 800 English words, and the length can directly affect your distribution. Press releases shorter than 300 words often are missing important elements and may not be recognized by the search engines as a press release. Search engines also may flag long press releases as something other than a press release. Xinwengao has the ultimate right to refuse delivery of your release if we think it will negatively impact the overall strength of our delivery network.

After the time period of your current subscription expires, you will not have access to your account again until you renew your membership. We typically delete user account details within 3 months of a cancelled or expired subscription, so be sure to renew your membership in a timely manner to continue to access your account. However even if we delete your account, your press release will usually still remain active and available on the front-end of our website.

Yes, you should send Chinese-language press releases in China! We can help you do that.

Yes, we are happy to help you translate your English press release into Simplified Chinese. Please contact our support team for the current rates and turnaround times for helping you accomplish this important task.

XINWENGAO : [noun] Xīnwéngǎo(新闻稿) is the Chinese word for “press release“, an official statement issued to the media giving information on a particular matter.