Ponddy officially launches the first At-home Online HSK test center in the US along with its new AI-powered smart learning solutions for Chinese Language learners.

San Jose, United States, February 10, 2021 /Xinwengao.com/ - Ponddy® Education Inc., an industry leader in AI smart language learning, has recently announced its official partnership with “CTI”, Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd. – the global HSK language examination provider – to launch the hsk.ponddy.com. Ponddy® HSK is the first online HSK test center in the U.S.A. that offers at-home online testing services for HSK, HSKK, YCT, and BCT official Chinese language tests. Students may prepare for the tests with Ponddy® courses, which are designed by an expert-teaching team and are fully accredited by ACS Western Association of Schools and Colleges of the United States. With the addition to the testing service, Ponddy now offers complete Chinese learning solutions that include intelligent platforms, customized resources, tailored curricula, on-line tutors, and at-home online testing services.

HSK test results are required by universities in China as proof of language proficiency for enrollment and scholarship applications. In the US, many States accept the result as the basis for awarding the Seal of Biliteracy. Although HSK has had its internet-based test option, takers still need to go to an offline test center to complete the test online. The newly launched Ponddy® HSK at-home test edition enables risk-free test-taking from the threat of Covid-19 pandemic: test-takers in the US can complete the exam safely from the comfort of their homes.

“We are excited to partner with CTI. This is a recognition of Ponddy’s global influence as the industry leader in online Chinese language education, and a significant milestone of our mission to promote the understanding of the Chinese language as a global competitive strength for eager learners. Ponddy® is proud to offer personalized AI smart language education to learners around the world,” said Ponddy’s CEO, Franz Chen.

Besides online testing, learners can also explore options and resources for the HSK test preparation on hsk.ponddy.com. The company’s new [HSK online courses] are designed with both Adult and Student versions to suit different learning patterns for test takers of various ages and schedules. The live 1-on-1 online course allows students to engage with certified native-speaking teachers. The online nature of the classes provides students with maximum location flexibility for optimized classroom interaction and learning efficiency. With Ponddy’s smart learning platforms, learners can get personalized exercises that help them study efficiently for the test. Learners can also discuss and share experience and test prep tips with each other in the “Learn Chinese and Pass HSK” group.

About Ponddy®

Ponddy® is an advanced AI smart learning brand. Powered by innovative AKLS® AI technology, Ponddy’s smart learning solutions include intelligent platforms, customized resources, tailored curricula, on-line tutors, and at-home online testing services. Ponddy® Smart Learning is a new way to teach and learn Chinese or English more effectively: teachers could fix learning gaps, and learners could have personalized learning experience, according to their own language levels, learning objectives, and backgrounds. Adopted by over 1000 schools fom 84 countries around the world, Ponddy® is widely recognized by international official language testing and teaching institutions. Ponddy® is a registered trademark of Ponddy® Education Inc. To learn more about Ponddy® Education visit http://www.ponddy.ai