ICARUS Sports Establishes Partnership With 2020 Nanjing Marathon (Bank of Nanjing) | A Marathon With End Destination the Olympics

Nanjing, China, December 6, 2020 /Xinwengao.com/ - Organizing a marathon event in 2020 requires vigour and acute attention to detail, and the City of Nanjing did just that. Over 10,000 runners underwent a stringent health safety selection process, with many runners participating virtually.


This is the only National Marathon Championship and Olympic Marathon Qualifier in China taking place this year, with 200 elite national athletes participating, ready to fight for the opportunity to compete at the Olympics.


In order to ensure a safe and successful event, 2400 support crew, including over 200 medical personnel, 90 rescue workers, and 600 volunteers, all put in the time and effort. The organizer also set up 15 medical booths with 20 ambulances standing by.


At the end of the intense race, Peng Jiang Hua was the first man to cross the finishing line at 2:08:50; Li Dan took the winning spot as the first woman of the day with a time of 2:26:59.


Running in Nanjing, situated in the majestic Yangtze River Delta region, runners are surrounded by rich Chinese history and culture. The city served various Chinese dynasties, kingdoms, and republic governments, making Nanjing a ‘National City of Civilization’. It is also one of the top 10 cities in the ‘Global Sports Impact (GSI) Index’ announced by Sportcal. We can definitely look forward to more international events being hosted in the majestic city.