Read China Money Network's latest special report on China's Restructuring Market featuring an interview with Victor Jong, Partner, PwC

Hong Kong, May 23, 2018 / - China Money Network, the leading digital forward-looking intelligence platform tracking China’s special situations, smart investments and technology innovations, releases today a bespoke report: “Navigating China’s Restructuring Market: Risks And Opportunities”.

The report released by China Money Network offers a practical review of the Chinese restructuring market and the opportunities it offers to foreign investors. 

“We were delighted to speak to PwC in order to build awareness and better understand the importance of this thriving market in China, where RMB1.71 trillion (US$270 bn) of non-performing loans and RMB3.5 trillion (US$552 bn) of special mention loans offer great potential investment opportunities to offshore investors,” said Naveet McMahon, co-founder and managing partner, China Money Network.

The effort to deleverage China Inc. is underway, and overdue,  as China’s credit-to-GDP ratio is clearly unsustainable. This means there are a wider array of opportunities available for foreign investors, who are viewing the Chinese debt restructuring market with increasing optimism. Buying portfolios of nonperforming-loans (NPLs) is still the preferred access point to China debt for most foreign investors. However, alternative strategies including investing in single asset situations and restructuring offshore debt of Chinese companies are also on the rise, the report uncovers. 

China Money Network sat down with Victor Jong, a Shanghai-based PwC Partner focusing on debt restructurings and NPLs to discuss the changes in the Chinese restructuring landscape in the past few years, what key investment opportunities there are for investors, and how to navigate potential risks during the investment process. 

China is entering into an extended credit cycle where there will be increasing levels of bad loans, bond defaults, bankruptcies and restructurings over the next few years. Compared to the last cycle, the Chinese distressed debt market offers a more mature and friendly environment for foreign investors. Investors getting into this market early will enjoy first-mover advantages in their preparedness and execution expertise in the most promising restructuring market in Asia, the report concludes. 

The report will be released on May 23rd 2018, and will be available for download on

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