REcoin Group and its founder, real estate guru Maksim Zaslavskiy, are extremely pleased to announce the long-awaited launch of REcoin.

Las Vegas, USA, July 28, 2017 / - REcoin is a new proprietary cryptocurrency designed for a broad range of financial transactions. It is backed by the most stable sector of the US economy, real estate. The 101REcoin Trust real estate portfolio is leveraged in USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, and Switzerland – countries with a proven track record of favorability to investors, where the current system of state and private insurance guarantees the utmost safety and security of any monetary transaction.

The REcoin ICO – the initial fundraising and token pre-sale stage – is scheduled for the period of August 7th 2017 till October 9th 2017, during which everyone is welcome to get acquainted with REcoin and invest. The pre-sale of tokens is not limited. However, the volume of tokens designated for sale at a discount is limited.

There are several economic and technical measures involved in support of REcoin’s attractiveness as a means of payment for real estate transactions, which are going to be managed, tracked and authenticated through blockchain technology. An international team of attorneys and programmers had been working tirelessly on creating solutions for REcoin holders to allow them to enter smart contracts in real estate rent (with the addition of sales contracts later), developing the supporting eco-system, creating partnerships with various Internet platforms.

Those measures shall inevitably lead to the exponential increase of the REcoin’s investment potential. The proceeds from the initial sale of tokens are invested in the highly regulated in virtually all jurisdictions real estate market reinforcing holder/investor confidence in REcoin. Also, 83% of the mining within the next fifty years of the issue is invested in real estate as well.

A purposeful work is carried out to develop the REcoin ecosystem: the search for, creation and integration of the Internet platforms that provide services in the real estate, retail and financial markets. Point-of-sale and other businesses of any specialization can also apply for inclusion in the affiliate program. A lucrative partner program is designed specifically for the purpose of expanding the range of operations and services in real estate, for which it is financially beneficial to conduct operations in REcoin.

By the time of launch, the REcoin ecosystem will consist of/be represented by the following Internet partner platforms:

— 101rebid – an online platform for conducting auctions for the sale/lease of real estate;
— 101cowork – Internet service for finding/offering real estate services;
— 101news – a news site dedicated to real estate;
— 101influencer – a communication platform for finding common ground between advertisers and opinion leaders
— 101mls – a classified ads platform designed specifically for Realtors;
101fundit – an online platform for crowdfunding in real estate.

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