Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang and US Ambassador to China Max Baucus were among the high-profile speakers at an annual event hosted this evening by the American Chamber of Commerce in China to promote understanding between the Chinese government and American business.

Beijing, China, December 4, 2015 / - The theme of the 16th AmCham China Annual Seminar and Appreciation Dinner was “Partnership of Prosperity,” reflecting the potential for mutual benefit through cooperation between AmCham China members and the Chinese government.

“As an advocate of US business in China and a contributor to economic and trade policymaking in China and the U.S., AmCham China has a profound history,” Wang told the audience. “On behalf of the Chinese government, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to the chamber for its contribution to US-China economic ties. I also want to pay my tribute to all the American businesses that have been engaged in China’s reform, opening up and modernization drive.”

Baucus said the U.S.-China relationship was the most important in the world, and highlighted recent engagement at the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade and the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, as well as a visit to the U.S. by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“Since I came to China as ambassador, I’ve been impressed at how mature the U.S.-China relationship has become,” he said. “This year’s JCCT and S&ED meetings and President Xi’s state visit in September made that clear. We don’t shy away from differences. At the end of the day, we focus on deeds, not words.”

The event this year attracted 450 attendees, and included a panel presentation addressing various issues. The panelists were Long Guoqiang, Deputy Director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Zhang Yansheng, Secretary-General, Academic Committee of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Timothy Stratford, Member of the AmCham China board and a Partner of Covington & Burling LLP Beijing Representative Office.

“The next five years presents a crucial time for China to pursue its vision of economic development that is sustainable and supports the objective of a society that recognizes the rule of law and an economy driven by market forces; it also represents an historic moment for AmCham member companies to seize the timely opportunity by using the foundation we have to support one another in this effort and to help China achieve its goals,” AmCham China Chairman James Zimmerman said in his opening remarks. “I can’t underscore enough the importance that we must all press for continued dialogue and openness in order to build and maintain our Partnership of Prosperity.”

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