Getting established in the Asian market is the focus of countless foreign firms, but growing anti-monopoly policy can complicate plans. Among these is China’s State Council Anti-Monopoly Committee, in February, promising new investigations to be added to their pipeline, pending new additional staff.

Shanghai, China, February 20, 2014 / - To address this type of concern, the Anti-Trust Asia Pacific Summit 2014is to be launched in Hong Kong on June 26-27, with organizers bringing extensive expertise of eight previous annual anti-trust events in Mainland China, as well as bringing together participants from across the Asia Pacific region.

Featured presenters will include representatives of fair trade authorities from across Asia Pacific region, allowing delegates to take their questions directly to the source. As well, leading industry experts will be helping attendees to find the middle ground between promoting innovation and squelching competition; expanding in fierce markets, while avoiding monopolistic practices.

In addition to formal presentations, the Anti-Trust Asia Pacific Summit is bringing together members of this broad group of experts to discuss some of these questions in more open panel discussions. Issues left unaddressed will certainly be settled in the event’s various networking sessions, which will also provide fertile ground for development of new long-term partnerships between attending organizations.

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