Hong Kong, China, June 19, 2019 /Xinwengao.com/ - Xinwengao does not accept press releases that we perceive to be inflammatory or intended to cause harm to a third party; that are written in the format of an advertisement, blog post, opinion column or spam; or are deemed not newsworthy. In addition, Xinwengao does not accept press releases containing, promoting or linking to adult content or profanity or content that contains accusations of criminal conduct without attribution to a court case number. Xinwengao does not accept press releases from anonymous or fictitious sources or that directly address consumers and the public with a “Buy Me!” type of appeal. Press releases with excessive amounts of links or lists may also be rejected. In addition, we will only accept press releases that are in a standard press release format. Xinwengao editorial guidelines and terms are available on our Terms & Conditions page.

Source: Xinwengao