After successfully growing a large subscription base for China media monitoring data, the service's News Briefs have expanded to Singapore.

Hong Kong, China, November 8, 2020 / - The MediaIntel.Asia platform, which launched services last year as an offshoot of sister service, has expanded its News Briefs to Southeast Asia. With MediaIntel.Asia’s slogan of “Be Smarter”, subscribers gain crucial intelligence for conducting business across Asia-Pacific.

News Briefs are daily executive briefings delivered by email to subscribers. Each MediaIntel.Asia News Brief contains top news and media insights in particular business sectors. This express service provides a curated list of Asia media intelligence across industries like technology, insurance, manufacturing, tourism, finance, and retail. After launching services for mainland China, MediaIntel.Asia now has opened three different industry sector News Briefs for Singapore covering technology, tourism, and finance.

“We have built the MediaIntel.Asia platform on top of two decades of experience in media intelligence and media monitoring,” says Paul Doyle, director at MediaIntel.Asia’s parent Asia Media Network. “Our platform began 20 years ago, and the insights gained in sentiment analysis, artificial intelligence, data monitoring, and news syndication have created the backbone for the launch of MediaIntel.Asia’s expanded services across Asia. Be smarter with your own subscription!”

In addition to the daily News Briefs, subscribers can login anytime to the MediaIntel.Asia platform to view and search thousands of daily news articles from global media. And for each news article, MediaIntel.Asia has rolled out its new “News Timeline” feature. With the News Timeline, each and every news post on the platform can be traced to related news from around the globe. For example, if a news story is published in Indonesia about a Chinese tech company, the News Timeline links that story to one published 3 hours earlier in Malaysia. And that Malaysia article is then tied to an article published in Germany a day previously, which in turn is linked to a Hong Kong article published a few hours prior to that. So researchers can use the News Timeline to have a forensic analysis of the genesis and ongoing distribution of a news story, rumor, meme, or online posting.

MediaIntel.Asia also provides its data using its own taxonomies along with the Global Industry Classification Standard, Industry Classification Benchmark, Thomson Reuters Business Classification, and the IPTC NewsCodes. These various taxonomies provide researchers the power to drill down into necessary data easily and quickly.

MediaIntel.Asia is a service of Hong Kong-based Asia Media Network. MediaIntel.Asia now includes China and Singapore in its News Brief coverage, and the company will soon expand to Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia.

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