Singapore, July 1, 2020 / - Dataxet, a data intelligence company, has announced that it has acquired Sonar Platform in Indonesia along with News and Ads Monitoring Agency (NAMA) in Malaysia. This marks Dataxet’s latest efforts in building its network of data intelligence capabilities across Asia, following its joint venture with Truescope in Singapore.

“The strategic acquisitions of recognised companies such as Sonar Platform and NAMA marks Dataxet’s progress in building its branded network of integrated data intelligence in Asia following the launch of Truescope Singapore,” said David Liu, CEO & Co-Founder of Dataxet. “Securing presence in key commercial markets across Asia is part of our plan to provide a truly ‘best-in-class’ data intelligence at scale while ensuring localised expertise and context.”

Amien Krisna, Founder and CEO of Sonar Platform, who will join Dataxet’s executive board after the acquisition shares, “I’m excited to join the Dataxet Group and look forward to the opportunities that the combination of our expertise will bring. Sonar Platform has a track record of delivering insights with the use of smart technology which we want to bring to the Dataxet network.”

Ooi Kiam Hong, CEO and Founder of NAMA adds, “I trust in the team’s vision of building a robust and next-generation data intelligence network – one that continuously focuses on product innovation, technology and talents to deliver smarter insights for clients.”

1. Sonar Platform, founded in 2015, boasts of two state-of-the-art intelligence modules:

i. Sonar Analytics – intelligence platform that combines social media, digital media, print media and marketplace data sources aimed at delivering mission critical insights and automated insight reports on demand. Using artificial intelligence, the application can automate the immense processing, analysis and reporting of billions of social and digital media to capture and analyse sentiment, trends and industry content.

ii. Sonar Influence – end-to-end social media influencer management platform covering influencer discovery, campaign management and intelligent reporting aimed at optimising branded influencer campaigns and maximising ROI.

iii. Crisis support, audience profiling, campaign reporting and bespoke audits are some examples of its strategic add-on services provided for its clients beyond these intelligence platforms. The company’s portfolio includes a range of well-known global brands across diverse sectors such as Microsoft, Grab, Huawei and AirAsia.

2. News and Ads Monitoring Agency (NAMA) was founded in 2006 and has grown to be the largest independent media monitoring company in Malaysia.

i. Provides a full range of traditional media monitoring service with comprehensive coverage across print, broadcast and radio.

ii. Amongst its services, the company also delivers customised media measurement and insights reports to several global and local brands from industries such as travel, financial services and telcos.

Jason Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Dataxet adds, “While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly affected parts of the economy, Dataxet is not slowing down and instead, looking forward to ensure that we stay ahead of what the market needs and be at the forefront of the industry in providing smart, accurate and actionable intelligence. Growing a diverse and creative pool of talents, starting with Amien, along with continuous product innovation and creative collaborations, will be our key priorities as we look to grow Asia’s ‘best-in-class’ media and data intelligence network and capabilities.”


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About Dataxet: Dataxet Pte Ltd is a leading integrated data intelligence holding company operating in Asia. Its branded networks provide best-in-class media monitoring services along with localised research and data analytics expertise to deliver accurate, applicable and actionable data insights.

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