Australian firm partners with Singapore's Dataxet to rollout services across Asia

Singapore, June 15, 2020 / - With more than 20 years’ media intelligence leadership and expertise, Australian businessman John Croll has launched his latest project, Truescope, set to challenge the media intelligence industry.

Truescope is the innovation of John and business partner and product visionary, Michael Bade. The entrepreneurs have designed and built a media intelligence platform to help inform communicators about breaking news across all media types and identify issues and trends in real-time.

The platform which launched in Singapore and Australia today, harnesses the duo’s expertise delivering real insights for clients across many markets. The cloud-based technology and machine learning capabilities work at speed to analyse millions of social and mainstream media stories in real-time to deliver world-class insights.

“We think our approach to people, product and scalability is revolutionary in this space, and we all have the unequivocal mindset that the client experience (CX) is central to everything we do. We’re ready to build bridges between new technologies and the communications industry so our clients can immediately understand the value Truescope brings and see how different we are to what has come before us” said John.

As part of its strategic expansion across Asia-Pacific (APAC), Truescope has partnered with Dataxet Pte Ltd, a data intelligence company led by industry leaders David Liu and Jason Lee. Both played critical roles in establishing, growing and driving media intelligence solutions in the region for numerous global brands and organisations.

David Liu, co-founder of Dataxet said, “Truescope will be a great opportunity for us to champion smarter media intelligence for brands, using Singapore as a strategic launch pad.”

Jason Lee, Managing Partner of Dataxet and CEO of Truescope Singapore shared, “The future of media intelligence goes beyond traditional clippings or collation of brand mentions. Smart media intelligence provides critical objective insights about a brand or organisation in the media that can be accurately and rapidly delivered to C-suites and management in order to be fed back into brand strategy, positioning and product development. Combine media intelligence with internal brand data such as sales, revenue and CRM data, and you start closing the ROI loop in your marketing and communications efforts.”

Truescope’s capabilities combine and transform big data across media types and languages, into a single, coherent, and easily searchable database. With each media item, machine learning and natural language processing are used to distil sentiment, potential effects on brand reputation and assist brands in measuring brand awareness and communications effectiveness.

Beyond its access to numerous social channels for comprehensive coverage, the platform has also secured official partnerships such as Twitter, Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp. This will help other businesses determine the content most relevant to them across the platform by providing insights to consumer sentiment, brand awareness, campaign performance, customer experience and much more.

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About Truescope: Truescope was founded in Australia to better inform communications. Our people and technology deliver real-time, actionable media intelligence and information to clients across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

About Dataxet: Dataxet Pte Ltd is a leading integrated data intelligence holding company operating in Asia. Its branded networks provide best in class media monitoring services along with localised research and data analytics expertise to deliver accurate, applicable and actionable data insights.

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