Bringing thousands of China-focused investment professionals together is China Money Network's latest service.

Shanghai, China, May 1, 2020 / - China is at the epicenter of how the world buys products, manages geopolitical relationships, and handles health care crises. With China’s importance as a backdrop, business intelligence platform China Money Network has unveiled its new service called the China Expert Network.

Relying on the more than 60,000 registered users across the China Money Network family of websites emanating from, the China Expert Network connects multinational businesses with talented “China hands” who can provide more transparency to a marketplace that often seems opaque. With a focus on investment and finance, the China Expert Network brings together industry experts and practitioners focused on ESG, special situations investing, technology, startups, cleantech, real estate, media, construction, healthcare, and manufacturing.

“Clients frequently ask for access to the high-level industry experts who subscribe to our platform’s data, so the China Expert Network is a new framework that gives our subscribers and our clients a win-win opportunity,” says Nina Xiang, founder and managing editor at China Money Network. “We’ve structured our service to give our subscribers a high level of privacy and our clients gain an equally high level of compliance.”

Subscribers to China Money Network’s data and news services can update their profile information to make themselves available as experts for special consulting projects. After their expert profiles are selected by a client, a meeting or formal engagement is held wherein the expert is paid for their time and expertise. Clients, in turn, comply with strict compliance procedures to ensure their business and regulatory goals are met.

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