Hong Kong, China, July 26, 2018 /Xinwengao.com/ - WCL Solution, a market leader in business process optimization, has recently launched an innovative identity capture solution for enterprises to fully utilize the latest breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

One of the challenges facing enterprises today especially in the service industries is how to capture the identity data of customers. For example, a bank needs to record the identity card number of its customer to complete a loan application, an insurance company needs to verify the driving license of its applicant for car insurance, a real estate developer needs to confirm the customer name as written on the sales contract is same as the name written on identity card.

Intelligent identity capturing can be 10 times faster than manual data entry. In the past, capturing identity information required manual input in front of a computer. Typically, a customer needed to submit his personal details on his identity card when filling in an application. He might need to present his identity card for the staff to input the data or provide a photocopy of the identity card. Data entry was a tedious and repetitive task and entry errors were common. At least a minute time is spent on data entry per identity card. This equaled to vast amount of time spent and manpower needed.

WCL Solution now offers enterprises a new way of capturing identity data. Data on identity cards can now be accurately and speedily captured in various ways:

1. Self-service on mobile device: the end user can make a photo of his identity card from his own mobile device and upload the photo to an e-form on website or mobile apps.

2. Scanner connection: The staff can use the scanner to capture the data on an identity card or a photocopy of identity card.

WCL Solution has successfully developed customized templates to enable intelligent reading of data from a wide varieties of identity documents, including but not limited to:

– Hong Kong Identity Card
– Hong Kong Entry Slip
– Hong Kong Birth Certificate
– Hong Kong Driving License
– China Identity Card
– Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents
– Macau Identity Card
– Hong Kong Macau Entry Card
– Hong Kong Macau Entry Book
– HKSAR Passport
– Passports issued by any countries with Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)

It is a good news to service-oriented industries and government departments as precious time and manpower is now saved when there is no longer need for manual data entry. Human errors are avoided and there is no mixing up of documents.

The identity capture system will automatically check if all required documents are present (completeness check) and that all of them belong to the same client (continuity check), e.g. verify that the person’s name is the same in all submitted documents. A list of pending application due to missing documents can be generated by the system, making it easy to send reminders to clients.

“Artificial intelligence is upgrading the job nature of employees. The staff can allocate their time on improving customer service instead of data entry. Within weeks, the whole system can be implemented with seamless integration to online e-forms, Android and IOS mobile apps, ERP, SAP and SQL, enhancing both front end customer experience and backend operational efficiency,” explained Henry Poon, Principal Consultant of WCL Solution.

About WCL Solution:
WCL Solution is the specialist for optimizing business processes. We focus on automating business process, capturing, processing, managing and archiving of documents and data. Our goal is to provide total solution to customers based on their needs. WCL Solution works closely with world’s leading manufacturers to provide the most cutting-edge and reliable technologies in the market. We offer a comprehensive set of software and hardware solutions to fulfill customers’ needs and optimize their business processes.

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