China Money Network Holds "The Future Of Cryptocurrency Investment: Bulls vs. Bears" On April 18 In Hong Kong

Hong Kong, April 9, 2018 / - Despite sharp falls in the value of major cryptocurrencies, the number of hedge funds focused on trading cryptocurrencies more than doubled in the four months ending mid-February 2018.

There are now a record 226 hedge funds trading cryptocurrencies, up from 110 in October 2017 and 37 at the start of 2017. Total assets-under-management stood at between US$3.5 billion and US$5 billion, according to fintech research firm Autonomous NEXT.

While some have described the rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, and IOTA as “worse than tulip bulbs”, cryptocurrency advocates say that this new asset class is destined to transform finance and society. As they see it, the biggest risk for investors is missing an opportunity to get in at the start of the boom and the growing blockchain opportunities.

To discuss these issues, China Money Network is hosting an evening networking event on April 18 in Hong Kong called “The Future Of Cryptocurrency Investment: Bulls vs. Bears” with three panelists who are seasoned professionals in cryptocurrency investments. They will share their views on the present and future of investing in cryptocurrencies, active vs. passive investment strategies, unique challenges in crypto investing, and how to diversify in this emerging asset class. The panelists are Dave Chapman, chairman of Octagon Strategy Ltd.; Michael Wu, founder of Amber AI; and Jianbo Wang, chief investment officer at CYBEX. China Money Network’s Managing Editor Nina Xiang will convene and moderate the panel discussion.

The discussion on April 18 in Hong Kong will address these questions:
– Where are we in the crypto investment cycle?
– Why should investors invest in crypto funds or Initial Coin Offerings?
– What kind of roles will cryptocurrencies play in the financial market in the future?
– How should investors diversify when investing in crypto? Bitcoin vs. altcoins vs. tokens?
– What are the pros and cons of passive vs. active investment?
– What is the status of ICOs emanating from China?
– What are the unique challenges in crypto investments in Asia? How to mitigate risks of loss of private keys, funds being stolen, or hacks?

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