Hong Kong, China, July 24, 2017 /Xinwengao.com/ - Molex, a worldwide manufacturer of electronic solutions, has been awarded the 2016 Excellent Supplier Award for its superior performance in technology development, innovation, quality and delivery in the category of connectors from H3C – a leading information technology (IT) provider across the world, based in China with two headquarter locations in Beijing and Hangzhou. Molex is the only interconnector supplier company to earn this prestigious award in the 2016 calendar year.

“It is an honor to be recognized by H3C for our seamless service and product innovations,” said Murat Dogansoysal, VP sales Datacom, Molex. “The Excellent Supplier Award represents our commitment and capacity to support the interconnect solutions needs for a strategic supplier on a global level. Molex takes great pride in delivering quality products with the latest innovation.”

The Excellent Supplier Award honors top suppliers that demonstrate standout results in areas such as technology development, execution and innovation of superior products and services to H3C customers over the past calendar year. The key criteria considered during the nomination process is an overall look at performance. Molex hit the mark in each area resulting in being the clear choice for this prestigious award. Molex interconnect solutions exceeded in outstanding overall performance, a reason the company was selected as a top interconnector supplier for H3C in 2016.

Molex assists H3C in their production of IT solutions created to give customers a leg up against the competition in the fields of enterprise networks, devices and cloud computing. The 2016 award marks the 3rd consecutive year Molex earned this honorable award.

The Excellent Supplier Award was given to Molex on March 7, 2017 in Hangzhou China, Murat Dogansoysal accepted the award on behalf of Molex. For more information about Molex, please visit http://www.molex.com.

About Molex:

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle. For more information, please visit www.molex.com.

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