Hong Kong, China, July 7, 2017 /Xinwengao.com/ - ThingPark China, a leading IoT access management platform and solutions development provider, today made its debut at the 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Shanghai. Aligned with the LoRa Alliance, ThingPark China is showcasing its platform advantages and its leadership role in the Low Power Wide Area networks (LPWA) industry. Some innovative applications and solutions enabled by the ThingPark#8482; platform, such as smart parking, tracking and environmental monitoring, will be on display at this event.

ThingPark China was founded in March 2017, co-invested by Actility (the industry leader in LPWA) and Ginko Ventures (Foxconn). In the latest funding round, Actility raised US$75 million from world-class enterprises (such as Foxconn, Swisscom and Cisco) to expand its IoT strategies to a global level.

ThingPark China enjoys the exclusive authorization from Actility for the ThingPark#8482; platform in China and Taiwan, and the global resources and support from Foxconn in product development, manufacturing and the supply chain. In addition, ThingPark China is supported by a seasoned product development and business operations team. As a result, it is in a unique position to provide a solid foundation for the development of an LPWA-based smart IoT ecosystem in China.

Bing Liu, CEO of ThingPark China said, “The global IoT market in general, and the Chinese IoT market in particular, both have tremendous growth potential. Actility has always focused on the development and advancement of IoT since its foundation, and ThingPark#8482; solutions have become the first choice of a majority of top-tier communications operators and enterprises worldwide. In addition, the ThingPark#8482; platform is network agnostic, able to service all LPWA technologies, such as LoRa, NB-IOT or eMTC. ThingPark China is dedicated to the development of an LPWA IoT ecosystem in China, and to enable IoT applications in a wide range of vertical industries. We will leverage this opportunity at MWC Shanghai to actively cooperate with communications operators, solutions providers and enterprise customers.”

As an investor of ThingPark China, Actility has recently announced a number of new projects on a global scale, such as:

#61548; Actility and IoTCAN, the Canadian communication service provider, announced that they have launched a LoRaWAN network covering the Greater Toronto area. This is the first step in the rollout of a national IoT network in Canada.
#61548; Actility and Blink Services, the Swedish company offering connectivity through the open network, LoRaWAN#8482; and smart city solutions, announced that they are working together to launch a national IoT network in Sweden.
#61548; Actility announced a partnership with Octonion, an end-to-end IoT software platform. Octonion will join the ThingPark#8482; ecosystem, providing its platform to IoT developers and clients, accelerating time to market by up to four times.