Hong Kong, China, July 4, 2017 /Xinwengao.com/ - Recently, the BX7 SUV became the first new model of the Borgward Group granted a European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) certificate, which is issued by Soci#233;t#233; Nationale de Certification et d’Homologation (SNCH, Luxembourg), with the testing of vehicle by T#220;V Rheinland This certificate will allow the Borgward BX7 to be sold in all EU countries in the future.

Thanks to the combined efforts of T#220;V Rheinland teams from China and Germany, the very first WVTA certificate was obtained for the BX7, further highlighting the strength and global resource advantages of T#220;V Rheinland in the field of vehicle testing and certification.

Dr. Tilo Schweers, Head of Development of Borgward Group AG, Holger Huetz, Vice President of T#220;V Rheinland Type Approval and Engineering, and Walter Schulz, German vehicle safety expert graced the presentation ceremony in Cologne, Germany.

The EU’s latest WVTA certification is based on the European Economic Commission Regulations and European Union Directives and Regulations. Under these regulations, all vehicles, motorcycles, and various parts and systems intended for entry into European countries must receive the certification and meet the necessary environmental, safety, and safety standards.

“We are much honored to have passed the most stringent European certification process, which recognizes and honors Borgward’s automotive product development and product quality. In truth, BX7 not only has advanced technology, but in its development and production process has also undergone rigorous testing and verification, and has completed myriad types of substantive testing in countries around the world, making it a truly global model,” said Dr. Schweers.

“As one of the pioneers of the German automobile industry, Borgward consistently lives up to its name as being an innovator. This once again demonstrates our team spirit at T#220;V Rheinland. Moreover, the craftsmanship of the product and excellence of the international BX7 team are the basis of this project,” exclaimed Mr. Huetz.

Authoritative certification service clears obstacles for vehicle manufacturers

With decades of experience and accreditations in all major markets, T#220;V Rheinland offers a broad scope of testing and certification services for vehicle enterprises, and is committed to improving vehicle safety performance as well as operation and quality management systems for the vehicle industry.

Chinese and foreign expert teams at T#220;V Rheinland are well familiar with the latest technical standards and regulations of the European Union, and are able to provide E-Mark certification, including WVTA, for automobiles and motorcycles as well as for components and parts, helping vehicle enterprises enter into the EU market successfully with a sound global service network and technical resources.

The Euro 6 emission standard, the toughest standard yet tightening emissions limits, has been implemented in the EU in order to eliminate the majority of exhaust pollutants. In light of this, Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing has become a mandatory requirement. During the certification process, the Borgward BX7 successfully passed the Euro 6 RDE test in Germany under the supervision of T#220;V Rheinland.

Cooperation between the two parties started in 2015, and T#220;V Rheinland has been helping Borgward to improve safety and quality with a variety of services, including overseas road testing, regulations and standards training, functional safety, quality management system audits, and second-party audits of its 4S shops.

Value product development for entry into the EU market

According to the project manager of T#220;V Rheinland, close attention was paid to the evolvement of regulations in the targeted market from the early stages of product development, and test conditions were fully considered in the test planning, such as the Euro 6 emissions testing requirements for the E10 reference fuel, in order to shorten the project cycle.

Apart from completing the relevant homologation items with regard to safety, environmental requirements, manufacturers also need to pay special attention to various other requirements, including toxic and hazardous substances, volatile organic compounds (VOC), the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), anti-skid and anti-rust properties, pedestrian protection, car recycling, and the proposed eCall automatic emergency calling system.

As a prestigious and independent testing and certification service provider, T#220;V Rheinland has more than 30 years of experience in Greater China, and its Mobility Department has now been authorized by five national road traffic authorities, including Germany’s KBA, the Netherlands’ RDW, Luxembourg’s SNCH, Ireland’s NSAI, and Latvia’s CSDD. In addition to traditional EEC/ECE certification services, T#220;V Rheinland also has a wealth of experience and expertise in other certification services, including the CU-OTTC customs union, Australia’s ADR, Taiwan’s VSCC, India’s BIS, Indonesia’s SNI, Nigeria’s SONCAP, Brazil’s Inmetro, and the CoC of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. T#220;V Rheinland offers a number of testing and certification services for major vehicle manufacturers.