Hong Kong, China, June 29, 2017 /Xinwengao.com/ - On 15 June, TUV Rheinland, the world-renowned third party inspection, testing and certification service provider, awarded Haier Air Conditioning the world’s first R290 ECO SMART Air Conditioner Production Line Safety Certificate. The certificate indicates that Haier’s R290 ECO SMART Air Conditioner production line in Jiaozhou interconnected factory has met the criteria specified in the European Explosion-Proof Safety Instructions and the IEC International Standards and Safety Requirements. In addition, through the additional safety training and assessment TUV Rheinland provided to Haier’s R290 production personnel, Haier became the first air conditioner manufacturer to acquire the R290 Production Personnel Certificate from TUV Rheinland.

The award ceremony was held at Haier Jiaozhou Air Conditioner Interconnected Factory. Attending the ceremony were directors and officials from both organisations, including Hongjin Wu, RD Director of Haier Household Air Conditioning, Haijun Zeng, the Production Director at the factory, Weikang Chen, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Industrial Services Greater China, Xiaolong Zhang, General Manager of TUV Rheinland Industrial Services Greater China, Jan Hoehne, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Certification Products Asia-Pacific and Greater China, and Huibo Wang, General Manager of TUV Rheinland/CCIC(Qingdao) Co.,Ltd attended the ceremony.

TUV Rheinland and Haier Collaborate to Develop the New R290 Refrigerant

Research into and the development of eco-friendly refrigerants are among the most important topics the refrigeration industry is dealing with in response to increasingly severe environmental issues such as ozone depletion and global warming. With its zero ODP (ozone depletion potential) value and low-carbon and emission reduction advantages, R290 is being used as a refrigerant replacement in the production of air conditioners and other refrigeration appliances. However, R290’s flammable and explosive properties mean that more stringent safety standards are being demanded in the refrigeration industry.

As the first company involved in the research and development of an R290 air conditioner from product research and development to production processes and personnel training, Haier Air Conditioning continues to strive for further innovation and improvements. It has also developed after-sales protocols and other corresponding user, installation and maintenance manuals to deliver and fulfil its whole-process safety promise. Haier currently has six R290 production lines, including the Jiaozhou factory, and is fully capable of mass-producing R290 intelligent inverter air conditioners. The company prides itself on being a dedicated low-carbon, green eco-business. By innovating with energy-saving technologies and promoting research into and the safe application of R290 refrigerant, Haier Air Conditioning has demonstrated its leadership and influence in the business of “intelligent manufacturing” in China.

As a notified body for the European ATEX Directive and the certification organisation for IECEx, TUV Rheinland has many technical advantages and local service teams for explosion-proof inspection and certification. This allows the company to provide air conditioner manufacturers with comprehensive technical support from product design to production safety. To ensure that investments in R290 production lines are protected, TUV Rheinland’s testing and certification services on explosion-proof electrical and non-electrical equipment are conducted based on the properties of R290 and the industry’s needs. Further, the safety training and personnel certification services that TUV Rheinland provides to key staff on the R290 production line can reduce safety incidents caused by personnel errors. With its professional and specialised advantages in production line safety certification, TUV Rhienland is one of the most prominent third-party testing and certification service providers in the industry.

The World’s First R290 ECO SMART Air Conditioner Production Line Safety Certificate

The Haier R290 production line that TUV Rheinland awarded its Safety Certificate is the foremost ECO Smart production line in the industry, enabling the customisation of R290 ECO Smart air conditioners.

Haier’s R290 intelligent inverter air conditioner incorporates many energy-saving, safety and stability innovations. In terms of energy saving, the intelligent inverter technology and the innovative structural design updates in the compressors, which were developed jointly by Haier and Shanghai Haili, enable the R290 air conditioner to deliver high-efficiency performance in an eco-friendly manner in both variable-frequency and constant-speed modes. Because inverter air conditioners use a large number of electrical components, Haier used the most secure and sophisticated design in the industry to produce a highly efficient inverter air conditioner that incorporates several breakthroughs, such as solving safety and efficiency issues when using R290 refrigerant to perform high-temperature refrigeration and low-temperature heating. Haier even went a step further, incorporating one-touch smart self-cleaning technology into the R290 ECO Smart air conditioner to ensure clean air by eliminating bacteria at the source.

During the certification process, TUV Rheinland conducted three assessments to ensure that the R290 production lines were in compliance with the safety requirements specified in the European Explosion-proof Safety Directives ATEX: “Risk Assessment for Hazardous Environments and Ignition Sources”, “Establishment of Safety Measures” and “Equipment Selection and Installation Inspection”. TUV Rheinland also provided safety training and certification to the R290 production personnel to ensure that they had the necessary operation knowledge and skills.

Haier Air Conditioning indicated that,“from product research and development to production processes to personnel training, Haier has advocated for the safe application of R290 refrigerant to protect the ozone layer and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”The company went on to state that having been awarded the world’s first R290 ECO SMART Air Conditioner Production Line Safety Certificate from TUV Rheinland, it was “a pioneer, leading the air conditioning industry in the field of environmental protection practices.”

Weikang Chen, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Industrial Services Greater China, said, “as the leading brand in ECO Smart air conditioners, Haier has continually promoted the practical application of new eco-friendly refrigerants to transform and upgrade China’s air conditioning industry.” This work, he noted, “clearly shows Haier’s sense of social responsibility and its innovative capabilities in the areas of energy saving and the manufacturing of intelligent appliances.” Dr. Chen also remarked that “with its world-leading professional testing and certification services, TUV Rheinland has long provided strong support for industries in China to achieve organisation structure adjustments to improve their industries’ positions in the international arena.” Going forward, Dr. Chen said, TUV Rheinland will continue to provide safety certification services for the R290 and for other new refrigerant production lines. TUV Rheinland will also contribute to the preservation of the ozone layer and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by promoting structural adjustments to and sustainable developments in China’s air conditioning industry, and by assisting China in acquiring core refrigerant technology when it expands into the international market.