The company has added additional capacity in Greater China to assist current and future clients utilize Meltwater’s online media monitoring services.

Beijing, China, July 6, 2015 / - Meltwater has launched a new product in China, built for corporate communications and other business decision makers to keep on top of billions of real-time editorial, blog and social media conversations. The Meltwater solution extracts the insights required to manage your brand, understand competition, and keep on top of industry trends. For the past 8 years in China, Meltwater has helped with many famous brands, like China Mobile, Haier, Vanke, and ZTE.

Ewan Ross, head of Meltwater Greater China, says, “The new products launched by Meltwater not only cover typical media monitoring, but it also reaches into online dialogues, real-time market trends, clients’ brand influences and new movements from competitors. The information will help clients in China to make better and more informed strategies.”

In China, the media monitoring industry is still growing. As it targets corporate clients, not everyone is familiar with the concept. Meltwater is the top global SaaS leader in this industry and tracks information from online editorial sites and social media platforms in 37 different languages around the world. Additionally, Meltwater helps their clients monitor and manage business information. This information not only assists in maintaining corporate brand images, but also lets clients make informed business strategies, such as looking at the next potential market and carrying out marketing events.

Established in Norway in 2001 with only USD15k and a brand with little traction, Meltwater has grown exponentially and become a leading global media intelligence brand. Currently headquartered in San Francisco, Meltwater has more than 50 offices worldwide and established partnership with more than 23000 enterprises. Despite assuming the title as a huge global company, each Meltwater office operates with like a startup and with a desire to innovate.

For more information about Melwater in China, please visit or contact Teresa Zhang at +86- 10 50854366.

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